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Why writing?

I have a million reasons not to write, but i want to get out of my comfort zone.

My biggest motivation of writing is to internalize my learnings. Though they’re many ways to internalize learnings, I believe being able to articulate the ideas is a key way to learn. Since I’m always reading, designing and building, why not put my learnings in words? My inspiration of writing also came from following people like Julie Zhao and 矽谷資深女工程師. Maybe I’m not well-recognized like Julie Zhao, Tim Brown or Elon Musk, but my learnings can still be valuable to people who’re not pursuing at the level of Elon Musk yet.

My goal is to learn and to share, so I may use English, Chinese or other forms that help me achieve the goals.

I’m scared. One thing I learned from Lean UX and from work is that every design problem is based on a set of assumptions. We create solution experiment to test the hypothesis, and we must have permissions to fail. If writing is my experiment, let the experiment begin!

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