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Case Study

Placement Creation in Demand-Side Platform (DSP)


Tremor Video is a company that offers a demand-side platform (DSP) to advertisers and agencies and help them buy display video ads. Historically, the company had two different systems that facilitated two buying systems - direct buy and programmatic buy. As a result, users had to go to different systems to complete their buying process. To streamline the buying process, the company decided to build a single DSP. A placement creation workflow is one of the many workflows in the single DSP. The goal of the project is to simplify the placement creation process and make it intuitive so external clients can use it without much training.

My role

I was the main designer throughout this project. My work included:


I conducted contextual inquiries by observing users executed their work. I was able to gain an understanding of their workflows, tool sets, challenges and pain points. 



After contextual inquiries, I categorized notes and identified themes based on business values. I created workflow diagrams and presented findings to management.



I worked with the Product Manager to make sure the design aligned with the business goal. I constantly sought design feedback from other designers and tested prototypes with users.


User research and business analysis

Visual design

placement definition.png
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